High quality road bitumen mainly produced by Jey Oil bitumen refinery are filled into 1 metric ton jumbo bags. While the majority of bitumen buyers purchase bitumen in new steel drums jumbo bags also known a poly cube, bitubags, or poly bags is another type of packaging which is used in the bitumen industry.

This flexible container is made of an outer plastic bag and an inner liner. Bitumen jumbo bags are designed to hold up to 1,000 kg of road paving or industrial bitumen and are commonly used for packing bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 80/100.

Jumbo bags are a suitable packing method for liquid bitumen. Normally the inner liner bag is made of a melt-able plastic film.
As many European nations do not allow the importation of bitumen in new steel drums 1 metric ton jumbo bags are an essential component of the bitumen business today.
When it comes to transportation each 20 feet container can hold 18 Jumbo bags (1 metric ton each) As the bitumen which we supply in 1 metric ton jumbo bags are from Jey Oil bitumen refinery ( a Government refinery located in Isfahan Iran) the cost of this packaging is slightly higher than new steel drums. The main reason for this is that the Government refineries in Iran unlike private bitumen refineries have a premium which affects its prices.
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