Buy drum bitumen

Customarily, bitumen shipped worldwide has been mainly packaged in new steel drums.  Bitumen drums range from 147 Kg to 200 Kg. Bitumen buyers in Chittagong Bangladesh mainly purchase 147 kg drums also known as 150 Kg drums. Most of the other bitumen importers in other countries import 180 Kg drums.  Bitumen consumers mainly use 180 Kg drums because they are the most beneficial to them. Bitumen buyers will save on expenses when it comes to the standard 180 Kg drums.

When using 180 Kg drums, 110 drums  can be stuffed in each 20 feet container. This means a total of 20 metric tons can be stuffed in the said sized container. When stuffing 110 drums of 147 Kg drum weight in a standard container, the total weight that can be stuffed in a 20 feet container is 16 metric tons. This is 4 metric tons less in comparison to 180 Kg drums.

The standard sized and most economical container size for transporting bitumen are 20 feet containers. When comparing 20 feet containers and 40 feet containers only an additional 25 drums per each 40 feet container can be stuffed in the bigger sized container.  This is not economical in almost every instance as the Terminal Handling Charge THC of the 40 feet container and the container cost itself are much higher in cost than the standard sized 20 feet container.

Using 147 Kg drums or rather 150 Kg drums per each 20 feet containers increases shipping expenses.  This is simply because  less bitumen can be shipped per container, as less amount bitumen is being loaded inside. In addition, it takes more steel to produce any sized drum other than 180 Kg drums. This is owed to the fact that more drums  are needed to hold the same amount of weight as the standard 180 Kg drum weight would require in the available spacing. This is provided that the standard sized container is 20 feet.

The standard 180 Kg drums, to ensure buyers save on their shipping expenses and terminal charges are advised to them.

Another country which uses a different sized and weight drums is Pakistan.  Pakistan mainly imports all of its bitumen through Tafton borer which requires our bitumen to be transported by land in trucks.  The other main destination is Karachi port in Pakistan where shipments are made via containers by sea.  200 Kg packaging for bitumen is costlier than 180 Kg drum as only 80 new or used steel drums can be placed in each 20 feet container versus 110 new steel drums with the weight of 180 Kg.  Once again they are costlier to produce and the same disadvantages of a 147 or 150 Kg drum apply.

Pakistan and Bangladesh’s markets are accustomed to buy drum bitumen and mainly use their traditional drum sizes when ordering bitumen.  Importers from these two bitumen consuming countries, in the recent years we have slightly shift towards the standard 180 Kg drum packaging.