Not all bitumen qualities are suitable for road construction

Not all bitumen qualities are suitable for road construction. Imagine a customer unknowingly purchasing bitumen suitable for insulation and/or roofing and not intended for road construction. Is the saving of 10.00 USD/MT to 20.00 USD/MT worth damaging their hard earned investment and reputation?

There are endless customers which are familiar with Iranian bitumen.  They have  previously purchased it from Iranian suppliers and are satisfied with the quality and the service they have received. This is excellent!  We are all thankful to those suppliers and buyers for supporting Iran’s petrochemical industry.  Expert suppliers give other noble suppliers the chance to also sell bitumen to the various customers with bitumen in the future. While one bad experience can contribute to the eventual collapse of this industry.

Our focus in this article is the customers which  may not have received the quality which they expected and are wondering why? or the ones who are just beginning your experience in the bitumen market please consider the following guidance to make the best informed decision.

Why do we reiterate this point about quality and pricing over and over?

  • Continuous customer feedback about the bitumen prices they are receiving which are too low to be for road quality bitumen
  • Customer feedback about the bad experiences they have had or know someone who has dealing with low quality bitumen which are often supported with pictures or evidence
  • The continued challenge of respectable bitumen producers, brokers, and suppliers who struggle to compete with low quality bitumen offers which are unsubstantiated in most cases.  In other cases if there is bitumen of such low pricing it is generally not suitable for road construction. It also primarily does not comply with ASTM standards.

Good suppliers are not saying that low quality or rather off specs bitumen as per ASTM standards  has no place in the market. Not at all. All types of qualities are essential to exist in any market for different purposes. The bitumen community is advising bitumen enthusiasts understand that all bitumen qualities are not the same. New bitumen clients often suggest that all bitumen prices should be exactly the same.  Our customer service department usually replies by asking them should all shoes, glues, cloth or paint  cost the same price? This question clearly answers itself as there are various levels of quality and purpose for each product.

Bitumen buyers should not ask a high quality bitumen producer to offer them the same rates as a supplier who is offering them bitumen suitable for roofing or other purposes and not necessarily road construction. This will surely get their blood boiling and show them that you’re actually not well informed about this business and it’s going to be a long time before you are wise enough to make the right decision on your purchase.

We will soon discuss our personal view on how the international inspection company(s) method of taking samples of bitumen can improve and distinguish the quality differences. One way is to take bitumen samples from the bottom of the bitumen drums as well as the top. By not doing so only the top layer of the bitumen is only tested and what good is a partial test of a product? 

Bitumen Sampling
bitumen samples are taken from the top of the drum. What about what is in the bottom layer?

Customer can always contact Iran Bitumen without any obligation at + 98 912 101 6609 via Whatsapp, IMO, Viber, or Telegram and ask our expert advice.

If you have been victimized or would like to share your story to raise awareness, please share your story with us.  You will remain anonymous


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Iran Bitumen prices increase January 2017

Iran Bitumen prices increase by nearly 12.00USD/MT on the 21st January . This bitumen prices increase is based on the increase in value of Vacuum Bottom also known as VB which is used to produce high quality road bitumen for export from Iran.
Another factor which has affected bitumen rates is the decline in USD value in Iran from an average of 4,000.00 Tomans per 1.00USD to nearly 3,800.00 Toman. These two forces have increase bitumen prices an average of 15.00USD to 20.00USD/MT from their previous state.
If USD value gains strength in Iran we may see a slight decline in bitumen prices in Iran.

For visiting current bitumen price for more info.

Iran bitumen price increase

50USD PMT Iran bitumen price increase comes as a big shock

Iran Bitumen prices increase 162,000 Toman in the stock exchange which after taxes will mean a minimum of 50.00USD/MT bitumen price increase in the Iran bitumen market.

The main factors which have played a key role in this price rise in bitumen value includes the high demand for bitumen from Iran by the international bitumen market which includes India, Asia and Africa, the increase in crude oil value and the limitation in the output of crude by OPEC.

While some still hold very little stock of bitumen which they can compromise on its prices and offer lower rates, soon the rates for bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 80/100 once those very minor stocks are depleted, will rise to the expected levels. Bitumen rates can be expected to be at least 300.00USD/MT to 310.00USD on a FOB Bandar Abbas Iran basis in new steel drums of 180 Kg .
Many bitumen buyers will halt their purchase of bitumen and wait to see if the prices of bitumen will come down, however, because OPEC has limited their production of crude, bitumen prices along with crude oil prices will continue to rise.

Let us not forget before the crude oil market crashed Iran bitumen prices were between 400.00USD to 500.00USD/MT. Our prediction is that the prices of bitumen will push upwards to close the gap which has been created in this industry over the last 1-2 years.
Our suggestion to bitumen importers and bitumen brokers, as previously stated in our news section before this price increase is the same. With bitumen prices on the rise investing in your bitumen purchase before bitumen prices rise once again in Iran’s stock exchange will be an investment worth making.

Embossed Pasargad Bitumen

Buy Embossed Pasargad Bitumen

Why should I buy embossed Pasargad bitumen?

Bandar Abbas Bitumen Refineries effected by slow VB output. While it appears that the Bandar Abbas Refinery which supplies Vacuum bottom for the production of bitumen is going into overhaul, our company is able to secure bitumen from Pasargad Oil refinery until this issue is resolved. It should come as no surprise that the prices embossed Pasargad bitumen are high due to it is one of the first brand in Iran’s Bitumen industry.

If you require to buy Pasargad bitumen, please let us have your bitumen inquiry and we shall send you our best possible Pasargad bitumen offer with the quickest delivery time.

Crude Oil price increase affect Iran bitumen prices

Crude Oil price increase affect Iran bitumen prices

Crude Oil price increased 6% after Opec decided to limit crude production. How will this affect Iran bitumen prices?

While there was much resistance to cut output of crude by Saudi Arabia and Iran, this shift in position to lower output comes as a surprise to most of us. Traditionally, there has been a correlation between crude prices and bitumen rates. Our prediction is that as the world’s oil rich nation curve their production towards reduction in production Iran bitumen prices will increase. This is why we recommend that you plan ahead and purchase your bitumen before an unwanted increase in prices takes effect.

Iran Bitumen Price Fluctuations

Iran Bitumen Price Fluctuations

Iran Bitumen Price Fluctuations

Bitumen prices went from 190.00 USD/MT FOB Bandar Abbas basis in Mid March 2016 to 235.00 to 245.00 USD/MT in early August 2016.

Share you prediction about the Bitumen Market with us:

Will bitumen prices increase or decrease in the coming months?
If you can’t have both, what matters most, quality or price?
What’s your prediction about the future prices of Bitumen?

Have you ever been duped and bought low quality Bitumen knowing or unknowingly? What has this experience taught you?

What can Iran Bitumen do to serve you better?

Share your story with us so others can be safe.

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Jey oil Refinery - Pasargad Oil Refinery sole agents

Jey oil Refinery – Pasargad Oil Refinery sole agents

Jey oil Refinery – Pasargad Oil Refinery sole agents: While exportable bitumen is sold strictly via Iran’s stock exchange, we often read false advertisements on Linkedin, or similar social media networks that certain brokers are Jey oil Refinery’s – Pasargad Oil Refinery’s sole agents which are Iran’s Government bitumen producers. This claim is false as anyone which wishes to sell their bitumen must purchase it via the Stock Exchange or someone who initially purchased it through Iran’s Mercantile Exchange.

Riyoniz Industrial Bitumen Refinery

Riyoniz Industrial Bitumen Refinery

Iran Bitumen’s journey in the export of bitumen began 15 years ago.  We went from trading bitumen to producing high quality road bitumen. This is why we invite you to join hands with us and take advantage of our capabilities in our supply possibility of Iran Bitumen in multiple grades.

Riyoniz Industrial Bitumen Refinery, has a minimum output capacity of 360,000 MT per year. We are advantageously located in Southern Iran. We are a short distance from the largest Container Terminal Port in Iran. It’s name is Shaheed Rajai Port, located in Bandar Abbas, we are able to manufacture and supply high quality road bitumen both in drums and in bulk.
We are uncompromising when it comes to quality and our service. Our carefully selected staff have the necessary skills and expertise to prevent production errors and quality issues.


The founders of Riyoniz Industrial Bitumen Refinery each have at least a decade of trading experience in the bitumen industry. Our refinery is now recognized as one of Iran’s leading and most technically innovative bitumen plants and drum production facilities in the Middle East.

Our bitumen refinery is equipped with a high-tech quality control laboratory, and are becoming one of the most recognized, influential and trusted names in Iran’s Bitumen industry.

Customers are invited to take advantage of our high quality road bitumen production facilities today.

Bitumen buyers are invited to contact our bitumen refinery directly by emailing Mr. Aghili at:

Riyoniz Industrial Bitumen Refinery
Riyoniz Industrial Bitumen Refinery is located in Bandar Abbas Iran where we produce high quality road bitumen



Iran bitumen supplier-Iran Bitumen

Iran bitumen supplier

Iran bitumen supplier-Iran Bitumen

Whether you call yourself Isfahan bitumen, Saudi Bitumen suppliers, Iran bitumen exporters, or Iran bitumen supplier, all of Iran’s high quality bitumen which is legally “exportable” is strictly sold via Iran’s Stock Exchange. This is made possible under the Free Trade Act imposed in the year 2005 for bitumen. In fact,  many of the strategic petrochemical products produced in Iran became sell-worthy via a bidding process designed by the Government Exchange organization. This means that at some point the bitumen you purchase has undergone this purchasing process.

Iran bitumen company proudly makes no false claims nor distorts the truth about it is abilities in its supply capacity of high quality road bitumen.  Because we value our name and our clients we don’t take any shortcuts to reduce the cost of our bitumen to create the illusion of being able to supply bitumen at surprisingly and unusually low rates. Iran bitumen has always maintained that very low values and unusual rates are a sign that your bitumen may not be pure in quality.  Making it unworthy for road construction. Lack of purity can cause the road to require early repairs (as early as 6 months)versus much longer periods (years) when using high quality road bitumen.

don't buy low quality bitumen from bitumen suppliers

Low quality bitumen can catch on fire

Low quality bitumen can catch on fire

Reports made to us of contained fire accidents in 2 Bitumen refineries using Fuel oil to produce low quality bitumen have emerged. In case, you are not aware, Fuel Oil also known as Mazut has no place in bitumen production. However, it’s known to be widely used by some bitumen suppliers.  This low quality stockfeed is used to produce low quality bitumen which is not suitable for road construction and because fuel oil maybe added to it it can catch on fire.

We urge all bitumen buyers to be diligent before they place an order for bitumen. Some suppliers may also purchase bitumen unknowingly from a mixed bitumen producer and and become victims themselves.

Please also read: Low quality Warning



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