Iran bitumen Asian Bitumen Conference Delhi 2015

Short viewpoint 10th Asian Bitumen Conference Delhi

Short viewpoint 10th Asian Bitumen Conference Delhi

The 10th Asian Bitumen Conference was held in New Delhi India, it was hosted by the Conference
Connection in a 5 Star Hotel which had many great services and a very polite and professional

There were close to 150-200 Participants. Some were audiences, while others were speakers. Nearly half of the participants were from Iran, UAE and the remainder were residents of India.

We noticed that none of the speakers in the conference seriously touched upon on some of the widely known quality issues of the imported bitumen into India which increases the end user’s final cost. It is widely known that low quality bitumen causes road defects. Some examples include, more money spent on heating the lower quality bitumen, more materials to make the bitumen usable, and premature costly road repairs are just a few of the problems this quality bitumen can create. This is why our company is dedicated in supplying a clear and steady quality every time to our customers.  We ensure you, your clients and the roads they build are safe and long lasting.



effect using-cheap bitumen India 2015
effect of using cheap bitumen India 2015


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