21st international, Oil, Gas, Refining, Petrochem Exhibition report

Our organization proudly attended the 21st international, Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochem Exhibition and was looking forward to having presence in this thoughtful event by its organizers, which us. After nearly 15 years of existence many have come to know us as a safe supplier in Iran’s bitumen community whose suppliers have various qualities of bitumen.
At the event there were large crowds of both domestic bitumen traders and foreign guests which attended the exhibition and we were grateful to see the growing popularity in this event.
Some of the attendees included Petrochemical Suppliers of different types which we were pleased to renew our friendships with, among other new guests which stopped by our stand which some actually turned into our clients. This is what these events are all about and while having a two story stand in The 21st international, Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochem Exhibition can be a bit costly it is definitely worth participating in as you are more accessible and approachable to those involved or new to the bitumen business.
It was interesting to see some of the clients which we were negotiating a bitumen sale with us over emails and even the application WhatsApp to turn up at the event and visit us personally. We even planned several refinery visits for certain interested parties and look forward to meeting their expectations as an able, high quality bitumen supplier whose sales are based on trust and the quality of its production.
If you didn’t attend this year’s event don’t feel left out, there is always next year. In the meantime we are inviting both bitumen buyers and brokers to depend on our organization to protect their interests in this field. Give us a try and contact us today.