Iran Bitumen Updated News February 14th 2019

Bitumen Prices

High quality road bitumen prices remain in the proximity of 310 to 320 USD/MT FOB Bandar Abbas depending on your order quantity and mode of payment.

It is noteworthy to mention again and again that not all bitumen produced and offered are useable for road construction. The prices which you may be experiencing in the 280.00 USD/MT levels are in almost all cases blended with none essential product to reduce the cost. Those who fall victim to such qualities share the blame as they close their eyes to the realities of the bitumen market and rely on information from emerging bitumen suppliers rather than suppliers with an extensive export history.  We urge bitumen buyers to educate themselves on cheap priced bitumen by clicking on the following link:  for additional up to date information please contact us and we will send you a more descriptive Bitumen Warning.

Bitumen Shipping

As we discussed last month in January,  2019 there was a shortage of containers, IRSL Iran’s largest shipping company has begun giving bookings and containers for shipments now in the month of February. Of course, things are not back to normal as of yet as we still rely on foreign shipping lines for most of our distant destinations; however overall the shipping condition in Iran has improved.

Bitumen Sales during Iran’s Holidays

Iran customarily celebrates Nowruz (meaning new day) the first day of spring which usually falls on March 21st. Traditionally government offices are closed for one week post this date; however private businesses tend to stop functioning a few days before Iran’s near year festivities and may not be fully function-able until the first week of April.

Invest in bitumen production

Ever since stock feed to produce bitumen named Vacuum Bottom became available in the free market dozens of small bitumen factories have emerged.  If you would like to invest in Iran’s bitumen industry please ask us for present investment opportunities in this field.