Iran Bitumen Company, with 15 years of bitumen export history in the bitumen trade, proudly supplies high quality road Bitumen for the construction of inner city roads and highways.

Presently, Iran Bitumen mainly exports Pasargad Oil embossed bitumen and Jey Oil bitumen embossed and none embossed bitumen.  In addition, we also supply high quality privately produced refinery bitumen.

When it comes to privately produced bitumen to increase its efficiency and decrease the cost of its production and operations, Iran Bitumen mainly uses Bandar Abbass' bitumen refinery which is strategically located only a few kilometers from Iran’s Shaheed Rajai Terminal Port, in Bandar Abbas. Prior to this, traditionally bitumen was transferred from Isfahan to Bandar Abbas which is at least 1,000 kilometers in distance.

Our organization has the capability produces penetration bitumen grades: 40/50, 60/70, 80/100, 85/100, 120/50, 160/220 and Performance Grade PG Bitumen all packed into new steel drums and delivered via 20ft or 40ft containers.

We can also source oxidized bitumen, 75-25 85-25, 95-25,115-15; emulsion bitumen, Viscosity grade bitumen VG10, VG30; Cutback MC30, MC250, MC3000 bitumen, Crs1, Crs2, K1-40 K1-60.

We have our own drumming production unit which once again saves us time and cost which in turn is shared with our clients worldwide.
We strictly produce bitumen from Vacuum Bottom VB only of Iran Origin which means that our bitumen has no impurities making it 100% pure Petroleum based road bitumen, a claim which we are proud to make.

Our road bitumen has been supplied to many great nations and it has supplied many highly sensitive road construction projects which include but are not limited to the following countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, India, Pakistan, UAE, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines, Taiwan, Ethiopia Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Angola, Sierra Leone, New Zeeland, and Monrovia.

For your convenience our organization have several forms of payment options which include Bank Garuntee, Usance LC, Telegraphic Transfer TT and LC at sight. (please contact us to learn which form of payment you qualify for)

Our Company is interested in opening markets in the following countries and more: North and South America, including Valenzuela, and Chile and the whole of Africa including South Africa.

We welcome professional and qualified brokers into the Iran Bitumen Family.

Contact us for more details and let us know how we can cooperate together.

Iran Bitumen Tankers