At Iran Bitumen we give significance to our associations, our Sales and Marketing Strategy are established upon integrating and being incorporated into the daily lives of Bitumen Brokers and Bitumen Importers alike.

The value we give all of those whom we come in contact with is the foremost important aspect of our corporate approach.  To achieve this fundamental level of alliance we maintain the highest degree of transparency in every aspect of our dealings with our customers and draw our focus on our relationships rather than the Potential of a Bitumen order.

Due to a number of factors which include Bitumen Prices and lack of Commitment from end buyers the greater portion of Bitumen inquiries do not materialize into speedy sales, for this is why we contend that our “true Sale” should be that of our Company’s appeal which is to attract long term relations which requires invested individuals who are committed and feel committed to.  By achieving this level of intimacy we can all benefit and create a stronger approach towards Bitumen Buyers.

Through the continued Marketing of our Bitumen through strong partnerships we will create friendships which will eventually turn inquiries into Sales.

But first we must show our readiness by sharing a positive and welcoming attitude towards our Clients, share our supporting nature and enable the average Bitumen inquirer to invest their valued time to further their cooperation with us.

We welcome your sincere suggestions, ideas and goals in this field and welcome all hardworking and ethical individuals, either experienced or inexperienced to make us part of their development and become part of the Iran Bitumen Family.