Iran Bitumen Updated News February 14th 2019

Bitumen Prices

High quality road bitumen prices remain in the proximity of 310 to 320 USD/MT FOB Bandar Abbas depending on your order quantity and mode of payment.

It is noteworthy to mention again and again that not all bitumen produced and offered are useable for road construction. The prices which you may be experiencing in the 280.00 USD/MT levels are in almost all cases blended with none essential product to reduce the cost. Those who fall victim to such qualities share the blame as they close their eyes to the realities of the bitumen market and rely on information from emerging bitumen suppliers rather than suppliers with an extensive export history.  We urge bitumen buyers to educate themselves on cheap priced bitumen by clicking on the following link:  for additional up to date information please contact us and we will send you a more descriptive Bitumen Warning.

Bitumen Shipping

As we discussed last month in January,  2019 there was a shortage of containers, IRSL Iran’s largest shipping company has begun giving bookings and containers for shipments now in the month of February. Of course, things are not back to normal as of yet as we still rely on foreign shipping lines for most of our distant destinations; however overall the shipping condition in Iran has improved.

Bitumen Sales during Iran’s Holidays

Iran customarily celebrates Nowruz (meaning new day) the first day of spring which usually falls on March 21st. Traditionally government offices are closed for one week post this date; however private businesses tend to stop functioning a few days before Iran’s near year festivities and may not be fully function-able until the first week of April.

Invest in bitumen production

Ever since stock feed to produce bitumen named Vacuum Bottom became available in the free market dozens of small bitumen factories have emerged.  If you would like to invest in Iran’s bitumen industry please ask us for present investment opportunities in this field.

Iran Bitumen Today January 12th 2019

Iran bitumen post the latest round of Sanctions against it and how it has touched some areas of the bitumen industry over the past several months.  From prices, sales and to shipping…


One of the concerns impacting Iran’s Bitumen’s export was the well-known currency crisis alarm in August 2018, where Iranian currency once again suffered a record breaking devaluation which usually causes bitumen prices to fall. However; this time this side-effect was challenged with a new law where Export companies became liable for selling their foreign currency back to its respected government body at a lower exchange rates than that of the free market.


While Iran adjusted itself to this new ruling nearly all bitumen exports came to a halt for several months pending amendments to this new governing rule.

Iran Shipping today

Iran’s shipping abilities and shipping schedules have significantly been affected by an overwhelming demand as well. The earliest period IRSL will provide suppliers with a new booking is said to be at the end of January 2019. Many suppliers have begun recommending alternative means of transportation via foreign Shipping lines to their customers. Of course, the rate of a foreign shipping line is customarily higher than that of Iran’s well know shipping fleet IRSL but in the recent past using such means have become more advantageous than using IRSL.

Shipping rates have increased by both Iran’s shipping line as well as foreign shipping lines up to 1000 % in some instances.  Many of the foreign shipping lines were forced to leave Iran and some of the very few that remained many have stopped shipping bitumen.  IRSL Iran’s shipping line had had some delays in providing containers and since it is using a smaller transshipment port than before we are witnessing an average of 30 days more transit time on some distant voyages than before. Some None Vessel Only Common Carrier NVOCC service providers which are more expensive to use have made available containers, but they are mostly using IRSL as their mode of shipment hence the transit time does not improve.  Before placing a booking Please study the exact routing of your containers, availability, and transit times.

Despite this heavy climate experienced bitumen suppliers and buyers alike are still working together. We are presently serving our customers on a case by case basis and providing them with the different available options. Part of our responsibility now is to provide newly evolving information to our clients and ensuring that the path which we are offering is completely safe and transparent.

*in certain unclear circumstances not attaining new business can be wise business decision.

*We supply you high quality road bitumen produced by the Gov. such as Jey Oil bitumen, Pasargad bitumen, or Privately Produced. (Some limits may apply based on Gov. Refineries’ pricing policy and availability of Containers for more information or clarity please contact us via WhatsApp messenger at + 98 912 101 6609 and speak to Mr. Aghili)

iran bitumen price

Instability in Iran’s bitumen market is reaching 2 months

Instability in Iran’s bitumen market is reaching 2 months

Iran’s currency in comparison to the USD has reached a historic all-time low. It has lost at least 100% of its worth in most of the world’s none governmental vendors.  Despite great effort by Iran’s respected Governing body to maintain its value at 4,200.00 Toman per 1.00 USD all across the board, today we can witness 1.00 USD being exchanged at 10,000.00 Toman. This conflict in value has caused a rift in Iran’s bitumen market.  At the present Exporters are required to return the greater portion of their export revenue back into the Nation at Government approved exchange rates. This is in conflict with most of the importers expectations for competitive bitumen rates who depend on free market USD exchange rates to purchase their goods from Iran.

Iran’s respected Government and the business community are continuously working together to explore news ways to find workable solutions towards the new challenges caused by the unexpectedly rapid depreciation of our currency.

As a consequence of the Economic pressures imposed by foreign powers on Iran, many of the Shipping lines which operated from Iran have either momentarily stopped their operations or are preparing to do so.  Of course, Iran’s shipping line IRSL is still active along with a few other shipping lines.

Many of the bitumen producers in Iran have either momentarily stopped their bitumen exports or have cancelled their pending orders. Presently we are taking bitumen inquiries on a case by case basis as both procuring bitumen and shipping it have become a challenge.

We look forward to a prompt resolution to all of this great Nation’s challenges and are optimistic and confident that it will overcome them and triumph over them.

If you have a bitumen inquiry or require relevant products from Iran’s petrochemical market please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Iran Bitumen Export Ban

Iran Bitumen News Update
News update for Iran bitumen export ban

Bitumen Prices in May 2018 may increase between 35 to 40 USD/MT

Iran Bitumen Export Ban Lifted

May 2018 News Summary

Over the past month aside from Iran Bitumen Export Ban the following events have influenced both bitumen prices and availability:

  • The Currency crisis in Iran. Iran’s currency lost great value nearly 40% in the free market and 20% officially. The reasons for this historic event are still under great speculation. Some have suggested it could be both political and economic. The Iran Government is working tirelessly to control this devaluation and has deemed all free market rates as “illegal”.
  • Bitumen prices fell a solid 10% which amounts to an average of 30.00 USD/MT. Due to the influx in sales which is estimated to be much more than 100,000 MT or more than the usual amount purchased from each refinery caused both Government refineries Jey Oil and Pasargad oil to go into a form of overhaul. After many years the bitumen business saw a change in sales and profitability. Of course, this was short lived and only enjoyed by a few companies which had purchased their bitumen prior to this event as all new orders were effected by late deliveries which is still ongoing. In other words the bitumen presently available in the market by a few bitumen suppliers is highly likely bitumen which was purchased at least 30 to 60 days ago which is being delivered today. It is estimated that the government refineries are at least 30 days or more behind schedule.
  • The Private bitumen sector also suffered as V.B. was not vastly available and it is reported that it still is not readily available. Therefore, while demand was extremely high for all types of bitumen produced in Iran availability was actually quite low and it still is pending the new price announcement expected in the coming days. It is speculated that bitumen prices will rise due to several factors which include an in influx in sales, fluctuating currency value in Iran and increasing crude oil prices.
  • Admits the difficulties attaining bitumen for export by bitumen exporters and attaining feed to produce bitumen by the private sector, Iran’s respected Government imposed a ban on all bitumen exports. This now lifted ban aims to add new a layer of venting for all bitumen exports. Presently, a new permission must be granted for the export of bitumen. Up to now this applies to all bitumen producers both Government and private. Before becoming more manageable many suppliers were negatively impacted by this sudden restriction. Those who were mostly effected by the temporary restriction in the export of bitumen were bulk bitumen buyers and exporters. Both have suffered a few days of demurrages while awaiting the new procedure for exports.  It has been reported that all bulk bitumen vessels have been allowed to continue their journey.
  • As Iran is about 11 days ahead in its calendar, and bitumen prices are revised each month most sales have stopped pending new bitumen prices and V.B. rates. Let us not forget the confusion in the market on how to calculate the USD value and other currency values against Iran’s currency. The choices are the legally announced 4,200 Tomans as per the Government’s decision or the free market rate which is at least 25% higher an d up to this point deemed counterproductive and illegal.
  • Our company earlier this month invested in the purchase of least 10,000 Metric Tons of Pasargad Oil Embossed bitumen which we will be able to collect in the coming 10 to 14 days.  As per Pasargad Oil’s rule on bitumen pricing we must wait for new bitumen rates to be released before we are actually able to know how much our final cost will be. In other words the bitumen which is not lifted from the Government refinery can only be lifted under its new value. This rule was created to protect both buyers and suppliers from sudden influxes in the bitumen market.


Iran bitumen prices remain

Bitumen Prices remain stable

Bitumen Prices remain stable ~   January 22nd 2018

Bitumen prices remained stable despite a 35,000 Toman bitumen price increase in the Stock Exchange. 35,000 Tomans is equal to 8.00 USD/MT which is passed onto consumers which import bitumen. However, because USD value in Iran is at a historic high, this has caused the price increase to be seemingly ineffective. Meaning the conversion of USD into Iran’s local currency has neutralized the much dredded price increase in bitumen value.  It is easy to view this price increase for raw materials also known as Vacuum Bottom as an adjustment to maintain the same level prices as the previous month.



Bitumen News 2018

White spirit suppliers Iran

white spirit suppliers
White Spirit suppliers

White spirit suppliers Iran

White Spirit suppliers Iran is a petroleum extract used as a paint thinner and it is considered a mild solvent. We are proud to supply low aromatic white spirit to our customers worldwide.

Packaging: 200 Kg Drums

Other Packaging: Small Flexi Tanks

Containers: 20 feet containers can hold up to 13.9 Metric Tons of White Spirit also known as Halal 402

Origin: Iran

For more information on White spirit suppliers Iran please contact us at:


Bulk Bitumen suppliers in Iran

Bulk Bitumen Suppliers Iran

Bulk bitumen Suppliers Iran

We are Bulk bitumen suppliers Iran. Our company is now involved in the export of high quality road bitumen in bulk via bulk vessels to neighboring countries such as Oman, UAE, Pakistan, India and many others. After production, Bulk bitumen is initially stored in storage tanks near Bandar Abbas port and loaded onto Bulk bitumen vessels which can be sourced either by our company or the buyer.


Please find below Bulk bitumen SGS 

Bulk bitumen SGS
Bulk bitumen SGS


Bulk bitumen SGS
Bulk bitumen SGS
Bulk Bitumen SGS report
Bulk Bitumen SGS report

Catastrophic effects of low quality bitumen

Bitumen prices rise 12-23-2017

Bitumen prices rise Again

When crude oil prices were over 100 USD per barrel, Iran’s bitumen prices were in the range of 500 USD to 600 USD/MT on a FOB basis. As crude oil prices took a barrish turn so did bitumen prices. It should come at no surprise to bitumen importers that as crude oil prices increase so will Bitumen rates.

This recent 8.00 USD/MT price increase in raw materials to produce bitumen in addition to the 67.00 USD from last month equal 76.00 USD/MT total in price increases. This is  mainly the outcome of the bullish prices of crude oil rates.


Iran bitumnen prices and news

Iran Bitumen Prices November 22

Bitumen prices in Iran take a turn for the worst

Raw material to produce high quality bitumen in Iran increased bitumen prices 67.00 USD/MT in the stock exchange.

Let us examine some of the causes:

One of the reasons bitumen prices in Iran have increased is due to the increasing crude oil prices. Another factor bitumen prices in Iran have acended is the Government’s new policy for its new exchange rate against the USD. In the past 5 years or so Iran’s currency has lost nearly 400 % value against the USD. The Government in aims to control inflation on imported goods had provided certain products such as food and medicine a more affordable exchange rate. It also provided certain other less crucial imported needs of the nation a more affordable exchange rate. The government rate had always been less than that of the free market. Overall there was a decent gap between the Government’s exchange rates and that of the free market. With that virtually out of the way now the Government has decided to close the gap and increase it’s  exchange rate to that of the free market. This new policy will impact nearly all aspects of Iran’s imported and exported product rates. Presently there will be a minimum of 10% difference in the value of purchasing or converting Government USD to that of the free market. For example, when in the past we bought bitumen or raw feed we paid the government in USD based on the exchange rates implemented by the government.  Therefore by using this advantage we were able to discount our bitumen prices for consumers. This is because we sold bitumen at the free market exchange rates but paid the government a lower exchange rate. But now we cannot provide this incentive and pass it onto our customers and we will look towards our officials to balance the scales and bring Irab bitumen prices within a more affordable range.

Will there be a reverse in Iran bitumen price policy?

in the pastwhen such an event occurred the  Government lowered the prices of Vacuum Bottom VB the raw material needed to produce bitumen which brought back bitumen prices to a managable and predictable price range.  If Iran’s bitumen industry would like to compete in the international market which we are certain it does it will create the necessary balance.With that said, Iran’s prices for bitumen is one of the most affordable bitumen available in the market.

Iran BItumen News Updates 

Iran Bitumen News Updates 

Iran Bitumen News Updates

Breaking Bitumen News November 8 2017

Breaking News in the last 24 hours:

Due to the increase of Crude Oil prices, bitumen prices in Iran are now unstable and we will be offering new rates to our customers next week.

Nearly all bitumen producers and suppliers have stopped offering bitumen prices or are suggesting prices at least 10 USD/MT higher than the norm. This is due to the fact that no one yet knows the effects rising crude oil prices will have on bitumen prices. As the price of crude oil rises so does Vacuum Bottom prices.

If you would like purchase bitumen from us or receive consultation or require a product within Iran’s export industry please contact + 98 912 101 6609 and speak to Mr. Aghili  or email us at and visit for updated bitumen prices.