Iran bitumen stock exchange

Iran bitumen stock exchange

Iran bitumen stock exchange

Whether  you call yourself  “Saudi Bitumen Suppliers”, “Isfahan Bitumen Production Group” “Iran Bitumen Manufactures”, it does not change the fact that all of Iran’s high quality exportable  bitumen asphalt  either Government produced or privately produced are  Strictly Sold via the IME stock exchange under the Free Trade Act imposed in the year 2005. This act imposed by former President Ahmadinejad calls for all Iran bitumen manufactures to offer their entire bitumen production to their clients through the stock exchange  which some refer to as the Iran bitumen stock exchange, otherwise they cannot obtain an export license for their bitumen.

Iran Bitumen Company proudly makes no false claims nor distorts the truth about its abilities to the supply  NIOC Road Bitumen nor takes any shortcuts to reduce its cost to create the illusion of being able to supply Iranian Bitumen
at surprisingly and unusually lower prices than other reputable supplier which our nation posses many.

We welcome you to take a closer look at our Company to learn why one of our main aims are to Educate bitumen buyers on how to safely purchase Iranian bitumen from a  reliable bitumen exporter.

Iran bitumen IRB; Investing in the Future one day at a time

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