Iran bitumen supplier-Iran Bitumen

Iran bitumen supplier

Iran bitumen supplier-Iran Bitumen

Whether you call yourself Isfahan bitumen, Saudi Bitumen suppliers, Iran bitumen exporters, or Iran bitumen supplier, all of Iran’s high quality bitumen which is legally “exportable” is strictly sold via Iran’s Stock Exchange. This is made possible under the Free Trade Act imposed in the year 2005 for bitumen. In fact,  many of the strategic petrochemical products produced in Iran became sell-worthy via a bidding process designed by the Government Exchange organization. This means that at some point the bitumen you purchase has undergone this purchasing process.

Iran bitumen company proudly makes no false claims nor distorts the truth about it is abilities in its supply capacity of high quality road bitumen.  Because we value our name and our clients we don’t take any shortcuts to reduce the cost of our bitumen to create the illusion of being able to supply bitumen at surprisingly and unusually low rates. Iran bitumen has always maintained that very low values and unusual rates are a sign that your bitumen may not be pure in quality.  Making it unworthy for road construction. Lack of purity can cause the road to require early repairs (as early as 6 months)versus much longer periods (years) when using high quality road bitumen.

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