Iran sulphur suppliers  ~ Turkmenistan sulphur suppliers

Sulphur suppliers in Iran or Turkmenistan Sulphur Suppliers product is a odorless and tasteless chemical element. Our sulphur has a pale yellowish color. Iran Sulfur is used in a variety of chemical combinations including disinfectants, crude oil, and fertilizers. To treat certain types of skin diseases, Iran Sulphur or Turkmenistan sulfur is also used by the medical community.

In a joint venture with the most renowned sulfur suppliers from Turkmenistan and Iran we are able to supply Sulphur. We welcome all qualified and interested parties  to cooperate with us on this commodity worldwide. We mainly supply (Granular/ Periled), Crushed Lumps & Powder Sulfur. Our team has extensive experience in sourcing this product. This gives us an advantage and great oversight in the day to day operations in precuring this product.

Some sulphur buyer’s are located but not limited to India, China, South East Asia, Jordan, and Africa.The said nations have all been importing Iran Sulphur from Iran for over a decade.

Sulphur is mainly packed in 1 metric tons jumbo bags which can hold up to 1.4 Metric tons. It is then stuffed into 20 feet containers and shipped to your desired destination.

Below is the test result from SGS of a previous shipment.

Iran sulphur
Iran sulphur


Iran Sulphur suppliers
Iran sulphur suppliers