Jey Oil Bitumen – Pasargad Oil Bitumen

Image of Jey Oil embossed bitumen

Jey Oil Bitumen – Pasargad Oil Bitumen

Our journey in the export of bitumen began some 15 years ago. It was during the period bitumen was strictly exported through a Government bitumen producer. Before the emergence of private bitumen producers Jey Oil Refinery was sold in bulk to privately owned drumming plants in the outskirts of the refinery . Still today, in the year 2017, we are  exporting bitumen from Jey Oil Refinery. A few more refineries have been added to our trusted list of bitumen producers.  Owned by the Government, this includes, Pasargad Oil Refinnery, which is another high quality bitumen producer. In our business partnerships and alliances wer have two high quality bitumen refineries which claim as our own.  Iran Bitumen  invites you to join hands with us and take advantage of our capabilities in our supply cacpabilities for Jey Oil Bitumen – Pasargad Oil Bitumen in multiple grades.





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