Sample Letter of Intent LOI for Bitumen
Sample letter of intent LOI for bitumen

Sample letter of intent LOI for bitumen

in this post  Sample letter of intent LOI for bitumen we will introduce Important information which should be contained within your LOI for bitumen.

When it comes to writing a letter of intent LOI for bitumen there are several  items a bitumen supplier requires knowledge on.

Below is a list of the required information for a formal quote:

The type of bitumen you require. For example bitumen 60/70, bitumen 80/100 or oxidized bitumen or cutback bitumen.

The type of packaging you require your bitumen in. For example bitumen in new steel drums, bitumen in poly bags or polycubes, bitumen in jumbo bags, bulk bitumen, or bitumen in bitutainers.

The quantity of bitumen you require. For example, 500 metric tons, or 5,000 metric tons.

The initial order quantity you require. Some bitumen buyers may want 100,000 metric tons over the course of 1 year. This should be known to us in advance.  For example, 10,000 metric tons for the initial order.

Your method of payment. For example, Telegraphic Transfer with 30% advance payment and the balance against the email copy of the bill of lading. Another mode of payment is Letter of Credit also known as L/C at sight.

Please mention destination port. For example, to Yangon port in Myanmar or Djibouti port in Ethiopia. If you wish to purchase your bitumen on a FOB basis we still would like to know to which port it will eventually be shipped to. (To understand why please contact us)

When you wish to place your order. This is the time period when you expect to place your order. For example in one or two month time from the time of this inquiry.

Other recommended and related information bitumen brokers and buyer’s mandates should share

Commissions are another big part of the bitumen business. This is because many brokers handle the purchasing procedure for their respective clients. Please make us aware of your role or if you require any specific accommodations when it comes to your client. Also share with us if you have a specific amount of commission per metric ton in mind. Together we will come to a fair and mutual understanding to all parties involved.

Additional information relating to your bitumen inquiry can be advised to us. This can be important information related to your inquiry which is beyond the basic information required by us to quote you.

Sample letter of intent LOI for bitumen

Dear Iran Bitumen,

Good day.

We (your company name and a brief introduction) would like a bitumen quote for (quantity of bitumen) metric tons of bitumen for (Destination port and country name) port in (type of packaging). Our method of payment shall be (mode of payment) and our expected commission is (amount of commission required) USD/MT. We will require this bitumen for the month of (enter the estimated date you will place your order). I would like to add (special conditions, accommodation required or important information we should know about your inquiry)

Best regards,

(Your company seal and signature)