Iran bitumen prices remain

Bitumen Prices remain stable

Bitumen Prices remain stable ~   January 22nd 2018

Bitumen prices remained stable despite a 35,000 Toman bitumen price increase in the Stock Exchange. 35,000 Tomans is equal to 8.00 USD/MT which is passed onto consumers which import bitumen. However, because USD value in Iran is at a historic high, this has caused the price increase to be seemingly ineffective. Meaning the conversion of USD into Iran’s local currency has neutralized the much dredded price increase in bitumen value.  It is easy to view this price increase for raw materials also known as Vacuum Bottom as an adjustment to maintain the same level prices as the previous month.



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Bitumen prices rise 12-23-2017

Bitumen prices rise Again

When crude oil prices were over 100 USD per barrel, Iran’s bitumen prices were in the range of 500 USD to 600 USD/MT on a FOB basis. As crude oil prices took a barrish turn so did bitumen prices. It should come at no surprise to bitumen importers that as crude oil prices increase so will Bitumen rates.

This recent 8.00 USD/MT price increase in raw materials to produce bitumen in addition to the 67.00 USD from last month equal 76.00 USD/MT total in price increases. This is  mainly the outcome of the bullish prices of crude oil rates.


50USD PMT Iran bitumen price increase comes as a big shock

Iran Bitumen prices increase 162,000 Toman in the stock exchange which after taxes will mean a minimum of 50.00USD/MT bitumen price increase in the Iran bitumen market.

The main factors which have played a key role in this price rise in bitumen value includes the high demand for bitumen from Iran by the international bitumen market which includes India, Asia and Africa, the increase in crude oil value and the limitation in the output of crude by OPEC.

While some still hold very little stock of bitumen which they can compromise on its prices and offer lower rates, soon the rates for bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 80/100 once those very minor stocks are depleted, will rise to the expected levels. Bitumen rates can be expected to be at least 300.00USD/MT to 310.00USD on a FOB Bandar Abbas Iran basis in new steel drums of 180 Kg .
Many bitumen buyers will halt their purchase of bitumen and wait to see if the prices of bitumen will come down, however, because OPEC has limited their production of crude, bitumen prices along with crude oil prices will continue to rise.

Let us not forget before the crude oil market crashed Iran bitumen prices were between 400.00USD to 500.00USD/MT. Our prediction is that the prices of bitumen will push upwards to close the gap which has been created in this industry over the last 1-2 years.
Our suggestion to bitumen importers and bitumen brokers, as previously stated in our news section before this price increase is the same. With bitumen prices on the rise investing in your bitumen purchase before bitumen prices rise once again in Iran’s stock exchange will be an investment worth making.

Why use Iran Bitumen and their commercial department?

Why use Iran Bitumen and their commercial department?

Why use Iran Bitumen and their commercial department?

If unhampered with, Iran Bitumen quality has one of the highest if not the uppermost quality in the globe. It is preferred by most of the major road contractors worldwide. This includes Sinohydro Corporation and China Road and Bridge both major road contractors.

If you’re interested in Iran’s bitumen market or require access into Iran’s petrochemical industry, we welcome your ideas and views.

Our company has aided in the export of Iran Base Oil SN 150, Iran Base Oil SN 500. We have also exported Iran Recycled Base Oil SN 500, SN 600, and SN 900. Furthermore, we have exported Iran Rubber Process Oil RPO, Iran Iron ore, Iran Gilsonite, Iran Parafin Wax, and Iran Slack Wax.

Presently we are working on the export of Iran Liquid Petroleum Gas, Iran Sulphur and Iran Fuel Oil CST 280 and CST 380 .All three of these products are offered on a TT basis only.

If you require a product from Iran our commercial department is able to work with you to obtain a secure supplier.

These are just some of the few reasons which proudly answers the questions Why use Iran Bitumen and their commercial department?