Iran Bitumen prices increase January 2017

Iran Bitumen prices increase by nearly 12.00USD/MT on the 21st January . This bitumen prices increase is based on the increase in value of Vacuum Bottom also known as VB which is used to produce high quality road bitumen for export from Iran.
Another factor which has affected bitumen rates is the decline in USD value in Iran from an average of 4,000.00 Tomans per 1.00USD to nearly 3,800.00 Toman. These two forces have increase bitumen prices an average of 15.00USD to 20.00USD/MT from their previous state.
If USD value gains strength in Iran we may see a slight decline in bitumen prices in Iran.

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50USD PMT Iran bitumen price increase comes as a big shock

Iran Bitumen prices increase 162,000 Toman in the stock exchange which after taxes will mean a minimum of 50.00USD/MT bitumen price increase in the Iran bitumen market.

The main factors which have played a key role in this price rise in bitumen value includes the high demand for bitumen from Iran by the international bitumen market which includes India, Asia and Africa, the increase in crude oil value and the limitation in the output of crude by OPEC.

While some still hold very little stock of bitumen which they can compromise on its prices and offer lower rates, soon the rates for bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 80/100 once those very minor stocks are depleted, will rise to the expected levels. Bitumen rates can be expected to be at least 300.00USD/MT to 310.00USD on a FOB Bandar Abbas Iran basis in new steel drums of 180 Kg .
Many bitumen buyers will halt their purchase of bitumen and wait to see if the prices of bitumen will come down, however, because OPEC has limited their production of crude, bitumen prices along with crude oil prices will continue to rise.

Let us not forget before the crude oil market crashed Iran bitumen prices were between 400.00USD to 500.00USD/MT. Our prediction is that the prices of bitumen will push upwards to close the gap which has been created in this industry over the last 1-2 years.
Our suggestion to bitumen importers and bitumen brokers, as previously stated in our news section before this price increase is the same. With bitumen prices on the rise investing in your bitumen purchase before bitumen prices rise once again in Iran’s stock exchange will be an investment worth making.

Cheap Bitumen Suppliers

Cheap Bitumen Suppliers

Cheap Bitumen Suppliers

Ever since Bitumen became available in the Stock Exchange many new bitumen suppliers emerged and among  them cheap Bitumen suppliers, which most of these said suppliers are mainly focused on the price of the bitumen they offer rather than its quality. Although, these essentials are still at play today, we are witnessing a downward trend in bitumen buyers whom knowingly seek low quality bitumen. This could be owed to an increase in awareness among bitumen importers that cheap bitumen also known as mixed bitumen in the end will cost the buyer more in unforeseen expenses. One of the indicators that a bitumen exporter is selling you cheap bitumen ( low quality bitumen) is through their remarkably lower price than all  of other bitumen suppliers price offers. If bitumen buyers were aware of  the actual cost of producing bitumen then they could clearly distinguish a good quality supplier from the opposite more distinctively. With this in mind, anyone selling Bitumen below production cost can be deemed as a major risk and should be studied carefully. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule as in certain cases a bitumen supplier may have bought bitumen and a short time after bitumen prices increased, hence their special offer.  However those supplies are very limited.

It is noteworthy to mention that some bitumen buyers are partially at fault, as many of them encourage such low rates and behavior by demanding lower prices. However they must all live with the regret in securing such poor quality for their Road Construction project or their buyers alike as the chance for repeat business from their concerned party is next to none.   While healthy suppliers at times move at a snail’s pace in sales, the low quality bitumen suppliers enjoy higher sales.

What is more important if you can’t have both quality or the price of bitumen? Share your thoughts with us and leave us a comment.

Results of using low quality bitumen
Results of using low quality bitumen