Embossed Pasargad Bitumen

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Why should I buy embossed Pasargad bitumen?

Bandar Abbas Bitumen Refineries are effected by slow VB output. While it appears Bandar Abbas Refinery which supplies Vacuum bottom for the production of bitumen is going into overhaul, our company is able to secure bitumen from Pasargad Oil refinery or Jey Oil Refinery until this issue is resolved. It should come as no surprise that the prices embossed Pasargad bitumen are slightly higher than privately produced bitumen. The main reason for the price difference is the consistency in their quality. Some private refineries have been known to utilize different products other than the main ingridient for bitumen productions which is VB therefore when you purchase Government produced bitumen which is “embossed” with their label you are buying yourself an extrra layer of protection and that protection costs a little extra.

If you require to buy Pasargad embossed bitumen or Jey Oil embossed bitumen, please send us your inquiry to bitumen inquiry and we shall send you our best possible Pasargad or a Jey Oil bitumen offer.

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Jey oil Refinery - Pasargad Oil Refinery sole agents

Jey oil Refinery – Pasargad Oil Refinery sole agents

Jey oil Refinery – Pasargad Oil Refinery sole agents: While exportable bitumen is sold strictly via Iran’s stock exchange, we often read false advertisements on Linkedin, or similar social media networks that certain brokers are Jey oil Refinery’s – Pasargad Oil Refinery’s sole agents which are Iran’s Government bitumen producers. This claim is false as anyone which wishes to sell their bitumen must purchase it via the Stock Exchange or someone who initially purchased it through Iran’s Mercantile Exchange.